Grocery shopping with an infant made easy!

Basic activities in our day-to-day life can become really challenging when we have to carry a baby around and make sure she is comfortable and safe. A good example of routine task made difficult by having a small baby is grocery shopping! If you are a parent, you know when you have an infant, you have some options when going for shopping: either you carry the car seat over the shopping cart, or you carry the stroller around the supermarket, and have make sure you are fast enough to shop for everything you need before your baby starts to cry from hunger or just fussiness…. But how to push the stroller and the shopping cart with only two hands?

Also, I don’t really like attaching my baby’s car seat over the shopping cart because I don’t think it is comfortable for her and once she cries I have to hold her and push the cart altogether (how is it even possible???)

It so happened that I started to use my carrier to go shopping. I put her comfortably inside the carrier by my body and she stays happy and safe! And I still have my two hands free to push the cart, load and unload it and even use the phone 🙂 She even takes a long nap with the natural rocking from my walk… great!

Grocery shopping easily!

Grocery shopping easily!



Baby Time at the Library and more…

The libraries here in the US are a good example of great use of public money. I’ve already written in the past about how cool they are, with all “free” infrastructure and books, music, videos, etc… But that is not … Continuar lendo

What? A newborn at the museum???

Yes! And she loved it!

I have been reading this book called “THE WONDER WEEKS” which is a very interesting book for parents (Thanks to my dear friend Luisa Mitzscherlich). It details physical and developmental changes babies go through by each critical week. For example, my little one is 12 weeks now and is going through changes in her perception of the world. That means she is starting to notice things around her, objects, walls, shadows, etc everything seems amazing to her. By reading this book I could understand what exactly she was capable of and get inspired with activities I could do with her.

So I had this idea of taking her to a place where she could see so many different objects and colors and shapes…. I took her to THE DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts!). For my surprise, the outcome of my experience was even better than I thought. She was delighted to see all the arts around her. She would even laugh when I would stand with her in front of big frames. She was so excited! I recommend all mothers to do that kind of thing. It’s never too early.

Mila stayed for 30 minutes starring at the Diego Rivera’s mural, laughing and full of excitement. Great program for parents and baby.

IMG_3042 IMG_3041 IMG_3040

Brazilian Pizza!

Hi there!!

I have news, a little one: my little bundle of joy was born almost 12 weeks ago! She is my everything! And because of all the duties around taking care of a newborn I have been a little absent 🙂

In Brazil there is this tale which says everything always end in pizza!!! Let’s say, a very important decision without a conclusion, would be a good example of something “ending in pizza”….

Well, as I’ve been a while without writing my blog, someone could say this ended in pizza too!! But I’m back and have lots of things to share! So I’ll actually reverse the tale and re-start with a HOMEMADE BRAZILIAN STYLE PIZZA recipe!!

Some american friends once asked me: how different is a Brazilian pizza from the American’s (Meghan, Hiran and Alicia)? Well, first thing: CATUPIRY!!! This is a soft cheese we have that I couldn’t find around here! And many of our pizzas will have Catupiry on it… and the rest, well, try this recipe, taste it and let me know what you think!

(As a matter of fact, my dear husband brought Catupiry cheese for me from Brazil last week…)





2.2lb all-purpose flour (1Kg farinha de trigo)

1.5 packages of Active dry yeast – 1/2 Oz (30g de fermento biologico)

3 cups of warm water (3 xic. de agua quente)

3/4 cups of canola oil (3/4 xic. oleo de canola)

1 teaspoon of salt (1 colher cha de sal)

1 teaspoon of sugar (1 colher cha de acucar)

1 teaspoon of Brazilian Rum – Cachaca (1 colher de cha de cachaca)

Mix together the yeast, sugar, salt and warm water. Stir in half of the flour and all the oil and finally mix little by little all the water and flour. Use your hand to squeeze the dough and shape it into a b

all. Put it in a bowl, cover it with a cloth an place it inside a warm place (like a cabinet or microwave oven) for 30 min.


Divide the dough in 5 equal parts and open each with a rolli

ng pin (pour some extra flour to help with opening the dough). Usually, Brazilian crust is thinner and crunchier, so make it thin or as you please. Cover the crust with some tomato sauce (plain or with herbs), use a fork to pierce the dough and take it for 15 min to the oven (350 F or about 150 C).

IMG_3503IMG_3506 IMG_3508 IMG_3511



This is a personal choice, of course, but I’d suggest the special Tuna Catupiry one…. hummmm

sredded muzzarella or cheddar

1 can of Tuna


black olives

fresh tomatoes

Catupiry cheese (in case you don’t have it, try cream cheese like Philadelphia)

Place everything on top of the pre-baked dough and put back into the oven for aprox. 20 min.

Hope you enjoy it!

See you SOON!!! 🙂

Dica rapida de programa!

Pessoal, desculpe pelo sumiço, mas estive “consumida” por um projeto pessoal!


Estou passando rapidinho para dar uma dica de um evento bem interessante que vai acontecer na semana que vem:

A Great Lakes Art Fair, pra quem gosta de um evento diferente, com venda de artesanatos e artes, entretenimento e etc. Começa sexta e vai até domingo. Depois posto foto pra quem não conseguir ir!


Festival de verão de Ann Arbor


dica rápida: começou semana passada o festival de verão de Ann Arbor e vai até o final de julho. Eles têm diversas atividades gratuitas e pagas. Dentre elas, tem shows e cinema outdoor na praça com barraquinhas de comidas e tudo o mais.

confiram o link para a programação completa:

Assim que eu for em algum evento de lá eu posto pra vocês verem!


De sementes a plantinhas….

Gardening Kit

Tudo começou com o Seed Swap que eu fui em Ann Arbor em fevereiro deste ano. Naquele dia troquei sementes e coletei um monte de potenciais delícias a serem plantadas no meu quintal. Eu tinha de ervas a legumes, flores comestíveis a frutas. Engraçado que um pouco … Continuar lendo