Grocery shopping with an infant made easy!

Basic activities in our day-to-day life can become really challenging when we have to carry a baby around and make sure she is comfortable and safe. A good example of routine task made difficult by having a small baby is grocery shopping! If you are a parent, you know when you have an infant, you have some options when going for shopping: either you carry the car seat over the shopping cart, or you carry the stroller around the supermarket, and have make sure you are fast enough to shop for everything you need before your baby starts to cry from hunger or just fussiness…. But how to push the stroller and the shopping cart with only two hands?

Also, I don’t really like attaching my baby’s car seat over the shopping cart because I don’t think it is comfortable for her and once she cries I have to hold her and push the cart altogether (how is it even possible???)

It so happened that I started to use my carrier to go shopping. I put her comfortably inside the carrier by my body and she stays happy and safe! And I still have my two hands free to push the cart, load and unload it and even use the phone 🙂 She even takes a long nap with the natural rocking from my walk… great!

Grocery shopping easily!

Grocery shopping easily!