What? A newborn at the museum???

Yes! And she loved it!

I have been reading this book called “THE WONDER WEEKS” which is a very interesting book for parents (Thanks to my dear friend Luisa Mitzscherlich). It details physical and developmental changes babies go through by each critical week. For example, my little one is 12 weeks now and is going through changes in her perception of the world. That means she is starting to notice things around her, objects, walls, shadows, etc everything seems amazing to her. By reading this book I could understand what exactly she was capable of and get inspired with activities I could do with her.

So I had this idea of taking her to a place where she could see so many different objects and colors and shapes…. I took her to THE DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts!). For my surprise, the outcome of my experience was even better than I thought. She was delighted to see all the arts around her. She would even laugh when I would stand with her in front of big frames. She was so excited! I recommend all mothers to do that kind of thing. It’s never too early.

Mila stayed for 30 minutes starring at the Diego Rivera’s mural, laughing and full of excitement. Great program for parents and baby.

IMG_3042 IMG_3041 IMG_3040